Why does your mobile app require permissions to my contacts, location, etc.?

In order to function properly, the Blink app requires access to some information stored on your phone like your Identity, Contacts, Location, Photo/Media/Files and Wi-Fi Connection. This may seem intrusive at first, but it’s all standard for mobile apps and makes it possible for you to use Blink to its full potential. Heres what we're doing with each:

  • Identity - Blink needs access to your identity to send you push notifications, verify your mobile app session with our servers and send you goodies like messages and network requests.
  • Contacts - When you click on the "Invite" button on the app (far right, bottom rail) we need access to your phone's address book. This is the only time we access your address book.
  • Photos/Media/Files - We need to store files on your phone, but we will soon allow you to receive and send files like PDF's, photos, videos and audio through our messaging platform. Without access to your "Files" we're unable to offer this core feature.
  • WiFi Connection - We need access to the internet, whether you're on 4G LTE or WiFi.
  • Other - We send and receive data from the internet, can stop your device from logging out so you can send automatic location updates (if you've selected this option), control vibration settings and access Google services (we use the Google Maps location services for location updates).

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