How do location updates work on mobile and web?

Location updates are key to success on Blink and easy to stay on top of. You're always on the move, but your clients rarely know when you're traveling or where you're going. How often your location is reported, when and how accurately we position you on the network is all easily managed from our Mobile app.

There three different ways to report your location on our Mobile app:

  • Update once. Hit start and Blink will grab your location from your phone's location services. Once a location is retrieved hit stop. The location our app receives from your phone will be sent to our servers and you'll show up in any network searches in that area. Depending on your settings, the location on our map and widgets will be shown as a city name or approximate street address. Hit the settings button on our mobile app to decide how your location is displayed.
  • Update automatically. Hit start and let it run. Blink will automatically update your location whenever you move around. Companies that use Blink to manage staff shooters are using this feature. For example: How close is my photographer shooting the baseball game to a house fire in the same city?
  • Enter your location manually. Hit the settings button (far left) on the mobile app and click on "Manual Location". Enter any location, select it from the dropdown menu then hit save. Your Blink location will be placed randomly in that city. If you are traveling to dangerous regions this is the most secure and anonymous way to update your location on our network without revealing your exact location.

In the settings menu you can also tell the app to report your location as either a street address location (58 Grand Ave, Brooklyn NY) or a city location (Brooklyn, NY).

Please take into account that our app has a 30 day session limit, so if you haven't opened the app in a month your location updates may not get sent to our website.

To change your " Based in" information from the web platform, please go to Account Management > Personal. The "Based in" field is the first one on the left column.

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